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Future Events

July 2nd 2022 Concert commemorating the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620.(deferred)
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November 12th 2022
Peace Concert

February 11th 2023
New Year Conceert

concerts subject to covid restrictions


Pictures and music from our New year concert, 2022

Choir visit to France May 2019

Choir visit to France, May 2016

The Music

 ‘The Pilgrim Fathers’ for Choir and Orchestra
by Andrew M Wilson Opus 182.

The text of “The Pilgrim Fathers” is drawn from two sources: the poem by Felicia Dorothea Hemans (1793-1835) The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, and Sternhold & Hopkins’ Whole Booke of Psalms. Hemans is a poet best remembered today for The Boy That Stood on the Burning Deck and The Stately Homes of England, which have acquired classic status for their titles alone. The Pilgrims included a community of English religious exiles from Leden in Holland who had arrived in Southampton in the Speedwell. There, they had made a rendezvous with the Mayflower and the two ships left Southampton together on August 5th 1620. They had intended to proceed straight into the Atlantic, but the Speedwell was in a poor state of repair and they were forced to put into Dartmouth and then Plymouth for repairs. Eventually the Mayflower set off alone from Plymouth on September 6th . The poem recounts the Pilgrims’ thoughts as they arrived at Cape Cod on November 11th 1620.

The Whole Booke of Psalms, Collected into English Meter was first published in 1562; it contained metrical versions of all 150 Psalms, along with canticles and other biblical passages. By the time the Pilgrim Fathers sailed in 1620, it had been used in English churches for many years and these versions of Psalms 114, 42 and 29 were undoubtedly the ones the Fathers would have known and sung. Andrew has used the original melodies they would have been familiar with too, although in modern arrangements.