News from Chris Ware, who organised our memorable concert at Minstead Church a few years ago:

Chris is now living in Kirkbymoorside, near Pickering in North Yorkshire. He has retired from journalism. "Now most of my time is happily taken up with painting," Chris is now Artist in Residence for the North Yorkshire Railway, and you can find his Open Studio at Levisham, the first stop north from Pickering. He has a dual educational role, teaching children about painting and about the railway.

If you’d like to see samples of his work, or even buy them on line, you can visit his website: There’s even a painting of the lovely village green at Minstead. He says "it would be great to see any Conchordians if they head this way. They should just march into the studio and announce who they are – in my new life I see hundreds of faces a week and am sometimes a bit slow to make the connection that this is an old friend rather than an art customer who’s been before".

When he’s not painting, Chris is still singing in a wide range of music and choirs. Indeed, he was discovered by Jim in the choir at a Carol Service in St. Gregory’s Minster on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, and was recently a cantor in Ampleforth Abbey for a recording of the Orthodox Liturgy