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Future Events

July 2nd 2022 Concert commemorating the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620.(deferred)
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November 12th 2022
Peace Concert

February 11th 2023
New Year Conceert

concerts subject to covid restrictions


Pictures and music from our New year concert, 2022

Choir visit to France May 2019

Choir visit to France, May 2016

The Poet

Felicia HermansFelicia Hemans was once a household name whose work was admired by Shelley and Wordsworth. Sadly, apart from “The Boy stood on the Burning Deck” and “The Stately Homes of England” (mercilessly parodied by Noel Coward) she is not often given the prominence she deserves today. She was born in Liverpool in 1793, the daughter of a prosperous wine merchant and died in Dublin in 1835. Her first poems were published when she was just 14 and she went on to complete 7 volumes of writings, in her short life.